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Software for your Agro business

We are experts in resource management

Software for your Agro business

We know the industry

Software for your Agro business

We understand your business needs

Software for your Agro business

We serve companies who excel within the agro industry

Software for your Agro business

We intelligently integrate Quality, Production, Processing, Sales and Distribution, with Planning at the core level

Agro Business Solutions

ABS provides organizational advice and standard software solutions specifically for agriculture for more than 20 years. Our solutions are implemented with breeding companies, seed multiplication companies and fresh produce companies. Our customers are world leading companies in their branch and mostly active in field crops, vegetables and flowers. The software can handle all product forms like seeds, bulbs, plugs and composed products.

Why choose ABS?

  • Advise on business optimization
  • Excellent database management
  • ABS supports your business processes
  • User friendly
  • Mobile solutions
  • Automatic documents creation
  • Real time overviews
  • Working together in one system
  • Use best of breed modules
  • Integration with your companies solutions
  • Analysis tools
  • Planning tools
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible software, set to your needs
  • Possibility of customizations
  • Low cost of ownership

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ABS Breeding is the solution for breeding companies that want to have their data organized, centralized and easy accessible in a SAAS solution.

  • Breeding
  • Trials
  • Plant breeding rights
  • Trademark
  • Sales
  • Flexible tests


ABS Seed is the solution for seed breeding, seed multiplication and seed distribution companies that are active locally or across the world.

  • Enterprise edition
  • Small Business solution
  • Production module
  • Quality module
  • Sales planning


ABS Fresh provides a solution for companies that are producing fresh products for the market locally or across the world.

  • Flower
  • Vegetable
  • Trees
  • Field crops
  • Fruit