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Do you want to track everything that happens in your agriculture supply chain with a software solution that traces all activities from seed lot to delivery? Then the ABS software solutions are what you need. Our applications provide insight into core business activities through clear and easily overseeable dashboards.

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Gain more insight into the business activities in your agriculture supply chain

The ABS software allows you to see the core business activities throughout the supply chain of your agriculture company. Data is easily entered into the systems through mobile solutions and apps, which makes management supporting easier. Furthermore, user rights can be adjusted so that only data that needs to be edited can be adjusted. This makes reporting more reliable as well and provides you with accurate real time insights into your agriculture supply chain. Our software opens the door to smart farming.

Gain more control over business processes

Having insight into everything that happens throughout your supply chain, paves the way for precision agriculture. It allows you to seize new business opportunities in a timely manner. Discover what our software can mean for your agriculture company and gain more control over your supply chain. Request a demo through the online form or contact us by sending an email to

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