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The ABS Seed software is the solution for seed breeding, seed multiplication and seed distribution companies that are active locally or across the world. This software as a service solution was developed to gain insight into the processes surrounding field crops, vegetables, and flowers. This way the ABS Seed software enables you to improve the processes and keep them running smoothly.

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The ABS Seed software contains all the analysis tools your company needs

Thanks to the ABS Seed software, people within your seed company can work together in one real-time system, even if you have multiple companies and warehouses and ship your seeds to different countries worldwide. ABS Seed Software provides logistic documents in multiple languages. It also provides you with reports and excellent analysis tools. Furthermore, it makes tracking and tracing from seed lot to delivery simple and easy. You can instantly view the quality of your seeds from the production field, in processing and at the delivery to your customer.

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Effective tools for the management of your company processes

The ABS Seed and ABS Breeding software are designed to give you more insight and to provide you with effective tools to manage company processes with ease. It comes with a variety of functionalities that will quickly become indispensable to your company, such as:

  • Inventory management in weight, number of seeds, cost price, and margins.
  • Operation of production, warehouse, and laboratory systems by using mobile devices.
  • A simplification of data entry for each employee involved.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Planning tools such as market planning, sales forecast, and seed production planning.

The latter functionality is integrated in the Enterprise edition of the ABS Seed software, but it can also be added separately to the Small Business solution.

Mobile Solutions and Apps

ABS Seed offers a complete range of APPS for different processes in your seed company. The APPS are divided in ON-LINE apps and in OFF-LINE apps dependent of their purpose.  The inventory and processing apps are used in your warehouse and processing facility to register various of your in-house activities. All apps control its specific functionality in a workflow and can be used in combination with native functionalities on your device as the camera, the barcode and IR readers. The off-line apps available for ABS Seed are the production app and the quality app. The production app is used in the field and the quality app is used in your internal laboratory or when available used by your external laboratory.

ABS Seed Training Options

In practice, we know that a number of customers do not get the most out of our software. To be in this support we have something new: ABS SEED On-Line Training. Also get the most out of your software package and work more efficiently and cost-effectively? Then follow one of our ->TRAINING COURSES.

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    Intelligent software solutions for agricultural companies

    For over 20 years, Agro Business Solutions has been creating efficient and intelligent ERP software solutions for seed companies. We have developed a customizable software program that learns from the past, manages the present, and helps you plan for the future. We intelligently integrate Quality, Production, Processing, Sales, and Distribution, with Planning at the core level.

    Discover this revolutionary application

    The ABS Seed software is a client-server solution that can be installed in your headquarters or in a data center outside your company. If you would like to know more about this revolutionary application, simply ask for a demonstration through the online form. Do you want to know more about the ABS Seed software first? Watch our company movie at the homepage! Or  send an email to us via


    • Enterprise edition

    • Small Business solution

    • Purchase module

    • Production module

    • Production planning

    • Production mobile APP

    • Inventory processing module

    • Mobile solutions for inventory

    • Machine planning

    • Quality module

    • Lab planning

    • Mobile solutions for quality

    • Automatic quality classification

    • Market planning

    • Sales module

    • Sales forecast

    • Price system

    • Documents

    • Reports

    • Analysis tools


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    • Advise on business optimization

    • Excellent database management

    • ABS supports your business processes

    • User-friendly

    • Mobile solutions

    • Automatic documents creation

    • Real-time overviews

    • Working together in one system

    • Use best of breed modules

    • Integration with your companies solutions

    • Analysis tools

    • Planning tools

    • Worldwide support

    • Flexible software, set to your needs

    • Possibility of customizations

    • Low cost of ownership