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The ABS Breeding software program is the solution for breeders who want to have their data organized, centralized and easily accessible in a SAAS solution. ABS Breeding can handle the breeding programs of field crops, vegetables and flowers. ABS Breeding is the perfect web-based software program for every breeding company.

ABS Breeding is a multi-user application that can safely be accessed from different locations and by different users at the same time. The user rights can even be adjusted for easier and more reliable management reporting. Another advantage is that the logical workflow of the breeding software program automatically guides breeders through the processes. In an unprecedented user-friendly environment, the activities and results of your breeding company are brought together. The breeding software program can even be customized to fit your personal needs as a breeder. It is for this reason that our software is used by a wide variety of international agricultural companies.

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Gain more insight into the most important processes

Through smart and instantly available reports and graphs you will always know what to do and where your chances are, anytime and anywhere. Entering, checking and analyzing your breeding and variety trials has never been so easy. ABS Breeding has great features to manage your trials and to administer trademarks, variety rights and sales. This provides you with more overview in the important processes of your company, making the software program indispensable for any breeder.

Off-Line APP

There are still a lot of places in the world where you do not have a proper internet connection in the field. The use of an off-line app is recommended! 

With the offline App, you can perform your tests and register your observations on your layout (trial fields). Before observing, you download the field information from ABS, while you still have your internet connection. When offline, you register your observations per test and plant or group of plants. It also offers you the option of making pictures in the field use barcode scanning for scanning the labels.

When you have an internet connection again, you can upload the observations you have taken in the field, with or without images, and all data is added to the database solutions of ABS.

Experience an indispensable software solution for breeders

ABS Breeding is very cost-friendly, as it does not require you to have your own IT-infrastructure. On top of that it provides you with valuable insights. As a breeder, it is worth your while to invest in this high-quality breeding software program. If you would like to know more about this revolutionary application, ask for a demonstration through the online form. Do you have questions about the possibilities the ABS Breeding software program provides? Watch our company movie and get to know us. Feel free to contact Agro Business Solutions by sending an email to info@agrosolutions.nl.

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    • Advise on business optimization

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    • Worldwide support

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    • Possibility of customizations

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