Agro Business Solutions (ABS) has created software solutions that benefit agricultural companies in the Netherlands and far beyond. Our software was especially developed for companies that specialize in plant breeding, seed production or multiplication and fresh produce. It provides you with the analytical tools you need to gain more insight into your business activities and can be customized to meet your needs. There is always an ABS software solution for your agro business.

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Choose from a variety of agro business solutions

At ABS we provide agricultural logistic software solutions for a variety of agricultural companies in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world. The software programs support all crops from flowers to vegetables, fruits and field crops. There are five main software solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of your agro business:

Each of these ABS software solutions consists of a single database where you can easily and directly enter data through mobile solutions and apps. Next to that, you can limit the user rights. This way management reporting is both made easier and more reliable.

The advantages of the leading ABS software from the Netherlands

The ABS software provides a realtime overview of all the main processes of your agro business. The analysis tools and dashboards give you insight into important business activities such as productions, trials, inventory and sales. Even when your business activities expand, the software continues to suit your needs. ABS can be expanded with new functionalities and is also continually maintained and developed to meet the changing demands of the agricultural sector.

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    ABS breeding thumbnail

    ABS BREEDING is the solution for breeding companies that want to have their data organized, centralized and easy accessible in a SAAS solution.

    • Breeding

    • Trials

    • Plant breeding rights

    • Trademark

    • Sales

    ABS PRODUCTION is the web-based software solution for seed production and multiplication companies. With ABS Production you can manage:

    • Contracts

    • Crop reports

    • Field inspections

    • Fields lots 

    • And much more

    ABS Seed thumbnail

    ABS SEED is the solution for seed breeding, seed multiplication and seed distribution companies that are active locally or across the world.

    • Enterprise edition

    • Small Business solution

    • Production module

    • Quality module

    • Sales planning

    ABS fresh thumbnail

    ABS FRESH provides a solution for companies that are producing fresh products for the market locally or across the world.

    • Flowers

    • Vegetables

    • Trees

    • Field crops

    • Fruits




    • Advise on business optimization

    • Excellent database management

    • Fit for hybrids 

    • ABS supports your business processes

    • User-friendly

    • Mobile solutions

    • Automatic documents creation

    • Real-time overviews

    • Working together in one system

    • Use best of breed modules

    • Integration with your companies solutions

    • Analysis tools

    • Planning tools

    • Worldwide support

    • Flexible software, set to your needs

    • Possibility of customizations

    • Low cost of ownership