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For agriculture companies it can be difficult to keep track of all logistics. There are often a lot of business activities from seed lot to delivery that take place outside of the business or on a different location. There is, however, a solution that helps you keep track of all the logistics that a company in agriculture deals with on a day to day basis: the ABS software solutions. Our applications were especially designed for plant breeding, seed multiplication and fresh produce companies.

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Our software helps agriculture companies keep track of their logistics

The ABS software supports all main processes of agriculture companies in realtime, including the logistics processes. It enables you to keep track of everything that happens within your company and the rest of the supply chain. The software also provides you with helpful analytical tools and insightful dashboards that provide you with a better overview of all company processes. It is even possible to add logistics documents in multiple languages to the application. This way the software solutions we supply are suitable for both smaller businesses and multinational corporations.

Gain more insight into business activities with reliable management reporting

The software solutions Agro Business Solution supplies are not only suited to give you more insight into agriculture logistics. They also help to make management reporting easier and more reliable. Furthermore they are ideal to keep track of a large number of processes, such as variety trials. With our solutions you can keep track of all business activities at any time and any place. Even data entry is simple, as it can be done directly through mobile solutions and apps.

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    Keep track of the entire logistics process

    Make use of our reliable software to keep track of the logistics of your agriculture company. The solutions we offer are customized to fit your needs and they will continue to suit your individual situation, even if the scope of your business activities changes. The software is well maintained and continually developed to keep meeting the ever-changing needs of the agricultural sector. Request a demo and experience the possibilities or contact us to discuss a customized solution. You can reach us by sending an email to