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ABS PRODUCTION is the web-based software solution for seed production and multiplication companies. This software offers you the possibility to register all your seed productions in one database. It can be used for your own seed productions or your third party contract productions.

ABS Production has a menu structure with the main menu’s:

  • Company registration 
  • Contract registration
  • Variety registration
  • Lot registration and
  • Field inspections

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The company registration can be used for your customer registration, but also for your grower registrations including locations and fields. All contracts are involved, contracts with your customer and all your sub-contracts with the growers. Field inspections can be programmed in advance with the pre-defined outcome, so your team is working in a structured and unambiguous way, without the option of making mistakes and misinterpretations.  If there is no internet in the field, you can use the Off-line app for all your field inspections, including photos.

ABS Production offers you also the option to monitor the basics of the inventory movements. You can register your quality measurements for example the germination % or purity %. All the batches can be scanned and labeled to manage processing and deliveries.An informative and customized crop report can be created to update your customers on the progress of the productions and in the end a grower settlement can be created.

Off-Line APP
There are still a lot of places in the world where you do not have a proper internet connection in the field. The use of an off-line app is recommended! 

With the offline App, you can perform your tests and register your observations on your layout (trial fields). Before observing, you download the field information from ABS, while you still have your internet connection. When offline, you register your observations per test and plant or group of plants. It also offers you the option of making pictures in the field use barcode scanning for scanning the labels.

When you have an internet connection again, you can upload the observations you have taken in the field, with or without images, and all data is added to the database solutions of ABS.

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