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When you do a lot of trials, whether it is for your own products, or trials for third parties, the ABS Trial software offers you all the options of registration of your trials. It is a web-based and easy to use software. It can be used for flowers, fruits, vegetables or field crops; hybrids or open pollinated crops. 

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No crop is excluded from our software!

All the details of the trials can be programmed in advance (by yourself) and you can define as many detailed observations as you want. 

All observations will directly be registered in the software. If you have no wi-fi in the field, the observations can be done via the off-line app. When returning in the office all registrations can be uploaded to the software. Click here if you want to see how the app works.

With our Advanced-Search option you can easily filter on your observations and you can create a trial report from the data gathered.

Off-Line APP

There are still a lot of places in the world where you do not have a proper internet connection in the field. The use of an off-line app is recommended! 

With the offline App, you can perform your tests and register your observations on your layout (trial fields). Before observing, you download the field information from ABS, while you still have your internet connection. When offline, you register your observations per test and plant or group of plants. It also offers you the option of making pictures in the field use barcode scanning for scanning the labels.

When you have an internet connection again, you can upload the observations you have taken in the field, with or without images, and all data is added to the database solutions of ABS.

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