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Barcode scanning in ABS

From the ABS Software it is possible to print labels and documents with a barcode. By scanning those labels you can be directed to the attached information in the ABS software. 

Most likely you will use a tablet or smartphone for scanning. After scanning screens with just information or screens where the user can fill information will pop-up.

For example in ABS Seed in processing, the batch label, the label of the machine and the work order can be scanned in sequence. After scanning ABS will know the batch is in process. 

Batch label in ABS Seed

In ABS Breeding barcodes can be used to scan for instance plant labels in the trial field and add observations to this plant. Also, by attaching a “free” barcode label you can make your selected plants in your trial field known to ABS Trial in one go.

Using barcode scanning makes data entry simpler, but also prevents failures. Above all, it is a quick and efficient way of working. Your data is directly available in the software, which makes quick analysis and decisions possible.

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