Where to meet ABS during the coming period?

Coming up: ISF in Rotterdam May 2024

As ISF marks its 100th year, ABS is committed to ensuring a memorable experience during the annual conference, scheduled to take place at Ahoy Rotterdam on May 27-29, 2024. To kick off the festivities, we would be honored to welcome you to our office during the week before or after the event (week 21-23 2024). This will be an excellent opportunity to share insights, discuss the conference agenda, and engage in meaningful conversations within the seed industry. Please save the dates in your agenda!

Or you can already book your appointment at our trading table #34 at the ISF using this -> link.

ABS 25 years, how it all started…

During the early 1980s, Hans Jong, Piet Buis, and Andre de Vries joined the seed breeding company Royal Sluis, working in its IT department. Hans assumed the role of manager after a few years, while Piet and Andre became developers. This IT team was responsible for creating the information systems utilized by Royal Sluis.

In the 1990s, a strategy was devised to unify the main headquarters and subsidiaries under a single system. An application was developed, initially deployed at the subsidiaries and later integrated with the main headquarters. This implementation took place in Hungary and Spain.

Royal Sluis encountered escalating challenges in the 1990s, leading to the eventual sale of the company and its rebranding as Seminis. At a certain moment, Seminis opted to adopt their software for the seed companies, a system already in use within the holding company. Hans, Piet, and Andre retained their positions at Seminis as internal consultants, undergoing various training courses.

In 1998, a collective decision was reached to depart from Seminis, and on January 1, 1999 Hans, Andre and Piet started up ABS. At that time, they called it HAPit.

Key Milestones:

– 1980s: Hans, Piet, and Andre join Royal Sluis, leading IT innovations.
– 1990s: Development and deployment of a unified system across Royal Sluis -and its subsidiaries.
– Late 1990s: Transition to Seminis and adaptation to their actual software.
– 1998: The decision to embark on a new venture.
– January 1, 1999: The birth of ABS (originally HAPit).

Thank you for celebrating 25 years of innovation, growth, and success at ABS. Discover ABS’ history in the upcoming newsletters.

ABS Helping you grow!

ABS visit American Takii 

In January Ineke visited American Takii in Salinas California. She met with Art Lopez (see photo), the new application manager of ABS at American Takii.

During our discussion with Art Lopez we explored his priorities and how ABS could contribute to the growth of American Takii. One significant development recently undertaken by American Takii is the upgrade of ABS to one of the newer versions, transitioning from Magic programming to .NET. This upgrade, after a prolonged period without updates, proved to be a complex process. Upon joining American Takii, Art wasted no time in initiating a series of improvements in collaboration with the ABS service desk. His proactive approach resulted in significant enhancements to the functionality and user experience of ABS within the organization.

By working closely with the ABS service desk, Art facilitated smoother operations and increased efficiency for ABS users at American Takii. These improvements not only addressed existing challenges but also optimized the overall performance of ABS, ensuring that it better aligned with the specific needs and workflows of American Takii.

Substantial progress has been made and further plans are in motion. One notable advancement is the implementation of the Production Module within ABS. This module facilitates the registration of yields and other inspection items related to their seed productions directly in ABS. The below screenprint shows the ABS off-line Production App for field inspections:

The introduction of WiFi in the warehouse marks another significant advancement for American Takii, as it opens up new possibilities for leveraging ABS Inventory and processing Apps in real-time operations. With this capability, warehouse operators will soon be able to register their activities directly into ABS as they occur, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in inventory management and processing.

This development reflects American Takii’s commitment to harnessing technology to optimize their operations and maximize the benefits of ABS. Furthermore, it sets the stage for a host of future plans connected to ABS that are currently in the works. With ongoing collaboration and utilization of ABS functionalities, American Takii is well-positioned to achieve their strategic objectives and drive continued growth and efficiency across their operations.

ABS reports options

When it comes to reporting with ABS (let’s specify what ABS stands for), users have several options tailored to their needs and expertise:

1. Standard Reports via MS SSRS: ABS provides standard reports through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). These reports are accessible within ABS upon login and can be scheduled for email delivery. They cover a range of predefined metrics but can also be customized to align with specific company requirements.
2. Query Tool for Custom Reports: For users with knowledge of the ABS database structure, a query tool is available to create custom reports. While this option offers flexibility, familiarity with the database schema is necessary. ABS consultants are on hand to provide guidance on database navigation.
3. BI Tools like Power BI: Users can leverage Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Power BI to craft personalized reports and dashboards. While this option requires knowledge of the database, it offers unparalleled flexibility in visualization and analysis. ABS consultants can assist in utilizing Power BI effectively. With Power BI on-line license, reports and dashboards can be viewed on desktop, phone or tablets in-office and out-office. For more info view the Power BI webinar-link on our ABS service desk site.

It’s important to note that ABS does not provide generic database descriptions, emphasizing the need for understanding the underlying data structure for effective reporting.

As an example, the below demo Power BI reports showcase the transformative potential of BI tools like Power BI:

By seamlessly integrating data sources, Power BI enables intuitive exploration, advanced analytics, and actionable insights. With ABS consultants’ support, organizations can harness the full power of Power BI to drive informed decisions and sustainable growth.

If you have any questions about the reporting, please contact Dorien van Engelenburg dve@agrosolutions.nl or Ineke Leidelmeijer ile@agrosolutions.nl

ABS User Day planned for September 12, 2024

Due to the success of the ABS User Day last year, we have already started brainstorming for a new program for this year. If there’s a specific topic you’d like to see covered in a workshop, please feel free to send your suggestions via email to Dorien van Engelenburg at dve@agrosolutions.nl.

We welcome your input and look forward to designing a program that meets your interests and needs.

ABS customers rewarded during APSA 2023


During last year’s ceremony at the APSA in Christchurch, New Zealand, it was a delightful sight to witness our customers being recognized for their substantial impact on the global seed industry, particularly in New Zealand. The presence of numerous renowned seed companies at the event who utilize ABS software sparked interest among other attendees.

If you’re curious to learn more about ABS software and how it can benefit your organization, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dorien van Engelenburg at dve@agrosolutions.nl or Ineke Leidelmeijer at ile@agrosolutions.nl. They will be delighted to provide you with further insights and assistance