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ABS provides ERP software solutions that are specially developed for the agricultural sector. Our applications allow you to track the most important business activities in real-time, from seed lot to delivery. The ERP software solutions can be customized to fit your company processes and continue to grow as your company grows. You are guaranteed of a well-maintained software that continues to develop over time.

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ERP software solutions enable you to track all of your business activities

Our ERP software solutions provide you with the analytical tools you need to improve business processes and to track all data that enables you to timely seize business opportunities. They allow you to track and trace everything that is happening in your company and in your supply chain. It is possible to add logistical documents in multiple languages, even the user interface can be translated into another language. ABS software solutions are available for as well smaller businesses and larger multinationals. You can consider your ABS ERP as the main system to link third-party applications, also parts of ABS ERP can be linked to other (financial) systems.

The perfect software solution for your agricultural company

Are you interested in customized ERP software solutions and would you like to know how they can aid your company? Order a demonstration through the online form and see for yourself. Of course, you can also contact us to discuss the solutions that best suit your individual situation. You reach us when you send an email to

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