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In this newsletter:

– Where to meet ABS in the first half year 2020?
– ABS in Hybro 
– ABS Breeding User permissions+ module
– Use google maps to have an overview on your fields

Where to meet ABS in the first half year 2020?

– January 28/31 IPM, Essen, Germany. (more info)
– February 1/4  ASTA 59th Vegetable & Flower seed conference,
   Monterey CA, USA (more info)
– February 15/17 Indian Seed Congress, New Delhi, India (more info)
– June 8/10 World Seed Congress, Cape Town, South-Africa (more info)

ABS in Hybro

For this ABS newsletter we interviewed Norbert Schulz. Norbert is the breeding station manager in Wulfsode and responsible for seed production and a lot of other strategic topics in Hybro. Norbert is also the application manager of ABS Seed in Hybro.

Norbert Schulz

ABS Breeding User permissions+ module

This module makes it possible for the ABS administrator to limit permissions of users of your ABS Breeding, Trial or Field Map solution. The data to access can be narrowed down extremely as well in the plant, the crossing and the lay-out (locations) menu. The advanced search options, available columns in the finder and the plant form can show only data the user is allowed to see or change.

Below a limited overview of only plants in ABS Breeding is displayed:

User permissions plus foto

Possible applications of the user permissions+ module can be:

  • If you are a cooperation, you can give your farmers permission to log into ABS. The farmers fill out the information you need on their fields
  • If you have external companies selling your varieties you can give them limited access to view information on the varieties registered in ABS

Use google maps to have an overview on your fields

ABS has developed a tool to plot your fields in google maps. The tool can be delivered:

  • As a separate application to be integrated to your own field data:  the field map application
  • Integrated with ABS Trial: field map module
  • Integrated with ABS Breeding: field map module
  • Integrated with ABS Seed: plot fields module

The data set you have imported either of your own system or from ABS, including data of the field is plotted in google maps. Examples of data which can be presented:

  • Menu of field map application: here you can enter your fields and data on your fields
  • Overview of groups of fields
Fieldmap foto 2
  • Overview of fields in more detail
  • Based on the “marker” of the field in google maps you can plot your fields
Fieldmap foto 5
  • You can compare the surface of your fields to the calculated surface in google map
  • You can filter on your self-defined labels like: grower, crop, variety, description, reference etc.
  • You can see estimated yields, weather reports, ground moisture etc. based on manually entered and (automatically) imported data;
field map foto 6
  • The data can also be captured from field applied technologies for instance sensors or drones.