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Since we cannot meet you in person, you are invited to meet us online! You are very welcome to schedule a presentation in zoom with either Ineke (ile@agrosolutions.nl) or Dorien via e-mail (dve@agrosolutions.nl).

For the ASTA CSS congress on this day or on any other date after the virtual congress we can also meet with you in zoom. If you want to schedule a meeting, you can send an e-mail to Ineke Leidelmeijer (ile@agrosolutions.nl).

ABS Seed: .NET version

Very recently the first ABS Seed .NET version has been successfully installed with a first customer and this customer is working with the .NET live today!

Soon it is for all ABS Seed customers possible to upgrade to the .NET version. The first version will provide you with the same “look and feel” as your current Magic version. The immediate advantage of this upgrade is that you will experience a certain performance increase. Starting with ABS Seed V12.00 any upgrade will be to a .NET version. ABS V12.00 is planned to be released in the course of March 2021. From then on ABS will develop any requests for changes ONLY in .NET and no longer in MAGIC. The maintenance of the MAGIC versions will be done by December 31, 2021. For the avoidance of doubt, changes will no longer be programmed in MAGIC starting with ABS V12.00.

There will be NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES to upgrade from MAGIC to .NET, although the hours involved in the upgrade will be higher than you are used to as we have to install a .NET environment for you in order to make the upgrade possible.

ABS Seed: Overview of Apps

We have made a flyer available on our new on-line Apps (Inventory and Processing) and our off-line Apps (Production and Quality). When you are interested, please let us know. We are happy to send you the flyer! -> Contact us

ABS Seed: ABS in Advanta Seeds

About Advanta Seeds

Advanta Seeds is a global seed company committed to sustainable agricultural practices and enhancing farmer prosperity with high quality, hybrid seeds. As part of UPL Group, Advanta Seeds aims to deliver the quality seeds best suited for the region with excellent agronomic practices and crop protection solutions through UPL. Advanta Seeds operates in over seventy countries with our partner brands Alta Seeds and Pacific Seeds. Advanta holds a leadership position in tropical and sub-tropical geographies. Worldwide, Advanta offers growers hybrid seeds in tropical and temperate corn, grain and forage sorghum, sunflower, canola, rice, and a variety of vegetables.

About UPL

UPL Ltd. (NSE: UPL & BSE: 512070) is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions, with annual revenue exceeding $5 billion. As one of the top 5 agriculture solutions companies worldwide, our robust portfolio consists of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions with more than 13,600 registrations. With a presence in more than 130 countries and more than 10,000 colleagues globally, we reach more than 90% of the world’s food basket. For more information about our integrated portfolio of solutions across the food value chain including seeds, post-harvest, as well as physical and digital services, please visit upl-ltd.com.

ABS in Advanta

Advanta Seeds has implemented ABS since 2015. ABS has been interfaced to SAP. The main reason to choose for ABS next to SAP is to acquire deeper understanding and insight to quality data on their agricultural operations in crop production. Advanta Seeds operates in over seventy countries supplying hybrid seeds in field crops and vegetable. Advanta’s seed manufacturing units and production export to more than 60 countries around the world. Advanta has a large number of ABS users worldwide where users are active in the following fields with the following ABS applications:

For this article, we interviewed Sudheer Grandhi. Mr. Sudheer is the application administrator of ABS in Advanta, managing all ABS related activities globally for Advanta.

“The main advantages of ABS Seed are: Real time data captured from fields using the ABS Production Apps and the robust ABS Quality Module to keep track of seed quality”, Sudheer explains. “Crop wise and stage wise quality protocols can be set in system to derive automatic the quality class.”

On our question: How are problems in ABS Seed solved? Sudheer answers: “All our queries are addressed through the ABS Service desk within stipulated time to minimise business disruption.”

The next step to improve the use of ABS next to SAP in Advanta are automation of processes between ERP’s to reduce manual intervention.


A few projects are in the pipeline to streamline the processes related to the Quality Module to ensure good quality seed is being delivered to the end customers. Mr. Sudheer explains: “As we are not using the entire ABS, automation is in place to flow data from external system to ABS to generate recurring inspections”


For proper production planning, there is a need to know the Stock at hand (inventory) and Demand (sales forecast) and Work in progress (ongoing production on farmland).

Sample data set for a demonstration of seed production planning in ABS Seed (desktop)

In ABS, the work in progress is captured in the ‘yield estimate’. The yield estimate is one of the main figures and is registered and calculated everywhere in ABS from the date of latest inspection on the field. The yield estimates can be captured using the ABS Production App. Also other relevant inspection items can be set up in advance in ABS and registered on the App in the field. The ABS Production App is renewed last year and used by Advanta by a lot of users. This off-line tool is used on tablets in the field. Data is up and downloaded into ABS, when an internet connection is available.

Production App for ABS Seed (tablet)

ABS Breeding: Gen Marker Module

The new Module GenMarker in ABS Breeding provides the bridge between the device for genetic markers and ABS Breeding. With this module you can prepare the tray and import the results of each plant back into ABS Breeding. After import you can use the flexibility within ABS Breeding to view and filter the data however you like. You can separate valuable data easily from not usable results.

This module is in testing and will be available soon. Please contact us if you want more information!

ABS Production: New Software

ABS production is software for small seed (production) companies. With ABS Production you manage your productions easily. Keep the overview of your crops in progress and after harvest. Do your field inspections on- or off-line and create crop reports for your customers. ABS Production will have the “look and feel” of our ABS Breeding program.

This brings advantages like:

  • Web based software, no own IT investments necessary, only a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone will do;
  • Large flexibility in user interface and reporting possibilities;
  • Overview of all your productions, with flexible data attached;
  • Photos can be attached;
  • Short implementation time;

Currently ABS is developing this software in consultancy with some prospects. In January we will have a demo available. If you are interested to know more: please contact us!

ABS Movie: Reporting out of ABS

Data in is information out! Isn’t that what you want with your software? Check the video we made on creating sensible reports and dashboards out of your ABS data!