The Production Mobile App can be used to register observations done during field inspections.

This includes options like:

  • yield estimates;

  • registration of weeds, diseases and off-types;

  • verify plants against their parent line description;

  • taking pictures to add to the inspection;

and more.

All of the observations still follow the production- and inspection protocols as specified in ABS Seed. The upload of information to ABS Seed is now done via a ‘connect’, the so called Field Activity Connect. All connects have easy and standardized error handling possibilities, making the upload of information more controlled.

Entering field coordinates

Entering field coordinates on the tablet with the new Production Mobile App for ABS Seed

Data entry screen

Data entry screen of the new Production Mobile App for ABS Seed

The most important improvements of this new App as compared to the previous version are:

  • Different database type, which has improved the performance;

  • Improved down- and upload techniques for a better user experience;

  • Modernized “look and feel” of the App;

  • More efficiency in data entry, less clicks necessary;

  • Integration with Google maps, allowing the user to draw the boundaries of the production field on the map, on the tablet. The coordinates of the field are captured automatically and uploaded later to ABS Seed.


  • Advise on business optimization

  • Excellent database management

  • ABS supports your business processes

  • User-friendly

  • Mobile solutions

  • Automatic documents creation

  • Real-time overviews

  • Working together in one system

  • Use best of breed modules

  • Integration with your companies solutions

  • Analysis tools

  • Planning tools

  • 24/7 support

  • Flexible software, set to your needs

  • Possibility of customizations

  • Low cost of ownership

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