Where to meet ABS during the coming period?

Meet us at the Vegflo in the USA

ABS is present at the Vegflo in Monterey on January 27-30, 2024. Please schedule a meeting with Ineke Leidelmeijer via this link schedule your appointment with ABS at ASTA Vegflo or send an email: ile@agrosolutions.nl

Meet us at the IPM in Essen

From 23-26 January 2024, IPM ESSEN – the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture – will be the meeting place for the green sector. To schedule a meeting with Dorien van Engelenburg, please send an email to: dve@agrosolutions.nl.

Coming up: ISF in Rotterdam May 2024

As ISF marks its 100th year, ABS is committed to ensuring a memorable experience during the annual conference, scheduled to take place at Ahoy Rotterdam on May 27-29, 2024. To kick off the festivities, we would be honored to welcome you to our office during the week before the event (week 21-2024). This will be an excellent opportunity to share insights, discuss the conference agenda, and engage in meaningful conversations within the seed industry. Please save the dates in your agenda!


To the cloud with ABS Seed 

For many years it has been common practice that our customers have their ABS Seed installation on- premise. Today we see more and more customers shifting their ABS Seed installation from an on- premise installation to a remote hosting provider.

Remote hosting is a method for delivering software applications, databases, and files to users from remote servers that are housed off-site in data centers. This is opposed to the traditional, pre-cloud model in which all software was hosted directly on the user’s PC or laptop, or in nearby hardware.

Lately we have been asked whether the ABS Seed installation could also be managed on Azure Cloud. A few months ago, ABS has deployed a trial installation of ABS Seed on Azure.

This installation of ABS Seed on Azure has been running without any problems.

We have received various reasons from our customers for making this inquiry, including:
•    Can we avoid higher hardware costs?
•    We are not proficient in IT management, such as database administration or security. Will this be of any help?
These are valid considerations from our customers, prompting a reevaluation of existing choices as new technological options become more readily available.

If you would like to know your options to use ABS in an AZURE environment, please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or guidance you may need for your Azure environment.

Sending samples is an easy process in ABS Seed

This functionality has already been programmed in ABS Version 12.30 and is one of the strengths of ABS Seed.

An order type “Samples to Grower” can be configured in the order types table in ABS.

This order type makes it possible to send samples instead of batches, to growers or customers or other locations in an easy way and fully supported by the ABS workflow and documents.

After allocating the sample in the sales order sample allocation screen, the usual way of delivery of the seed in ABS can be followed including picking and packing, shipping etc. with use of the standard documents for this workflow.

This procedure can be used to send samples for testing to external laboratories, or for trials or multiplication of seeds to growers or other locations. Also, shipping out of small seed quantities registered in ABS as samples and not as batches, like breeders seed and parent seed can in this way take place via the normal sales and delivery flow.

Breeders seed and parent seed can be registered as a sample or batch in an easy way in ABS. If you are interested, you can ask your consultant for advice, or register a call in our ABS service desk. The workflow “samples to grower” is available.

ABS Online Solutions update

ABS Seed remains our flagship product, offering comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning specifically designed for the seed industry. With user feedback and industry insights, we continue to refine and optimize ABS Seed to ensure it meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.

Besides ABS Seed, our main ERP Seed solution, we are also strong in our online software’s: ABS Breeding, ABS Trial and ABS Production.

For these online solutions we have created some new features

Forms and required fields in ABS Online Solutions

In the ADMIN menu of ABS you can organize your forms, for instance the plant forms and crossing forms for your company. In this way, you see the less important items in your forms collapsed. In the below plant form, some of the information available is collapsed, like color and extra information.

In the Admin menu the collapsed and not collapsed headers can be set. Also, in the admin you can now register if some fields are required to fill in. So, if for instance observations are done in your trial fields, certain observations are required to fill, else the observation cannot be registered in ABS.

New: API Connections in ABS Online Solutions

Our ABS online solutions offer you the option to setup API endpoints for data requests. These GETs to retrieve data from ABS Breeding / Trial / Production are now available. If you want to use these API’s you can contact the sales in ABS, with your questions: ile@agrosolutions.nl or dve@agrosolutions.nl

In the admin menu API, you can define API endpoints with a name.
You can choose the data format (JSON, CSV, or Table).
In the SQL field you can specify the SQL Query that retrieves a set of data.
Our ABS consultant can help with setting up the SQL query.

In the admin you can also define API keys, that gain access to certain API endpoints. You can setup different API keys for use of 1 or multiple API’s. In this way you can create separate API keys for different API clients.

If you have any questions about the ABS online solutions, please contact Dorien van Engelenburg dve@agrosolutions.nl or Ineke Leidelmeijer ile@agrosolutions.nl.