ISF World Seed Congress 2022 review and where to meet ABS next 

The ISF World Seed Congress is always a good place to meet a lot of our ABS customers and prospects. Especially this year, after 2 years of COVID, it was a pleasure to meet you again in person! On Sunday evening at the start of the congress, we organized together with Hoopman an ISF pre-party for our (international) customers.

It was very nice to meet everybody with rooftop views over Barcelona.

The next day, we welcomed a lot of people at our ABS booth.

Thank you for stepping by, listening to our newest presentations and sharing your thoughts with us!!

Where to meet us again in 2022:

  • Seed Meets Technology Zwaagdijk NL September 27-29
  • Euroseeds Congress Berlin October 23-26
  • APSA Bangkok November 14-18

Do not hesitate to already ask us for a meeting!

Dorien van Engelenburg           dve@agrosolutions.nl

Ineke Leidelmeijer                    ile@agrosolutions.nl

ABS meets JW Seeds in South Africa

Since April 2021, ABS employees have been visiting JW Seeds on-site in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. We are happy to introduce our client to you. JW Seeds is a family-owned seed production company run by Johan van der Westhuizen. They produce (bunching) onions, beetroots, carrots, leek and other vegetables (OP’s & hybrids), as well as fodder & lucerne. Most of their customers are in the Northern hemisphere and therefore able to do counter-season productions. JW Seeds is organizing around 1,000 productions a year and excels in service and quality.

JW seeds have their own facilities and lab.

Most of the processes within JW Seeds are managed by ABS, although we realized during the visit that even more processes could be managed by ABS. That is why we are planning for a new software upgrade to be make another efficiency improvement possible for JW Seeds.

If you want to see more of JW Seeds, please check the website: JW Seeds

ABS: Dorien van Engelenburg

Cooperation Deliflor and ABS

We are happy to inform you about a new project of Agro Business Solutions. Recently Peter Zaat (right) CEO of Deliflor and Wouter van Stuyvesant Meijen (left) of ABS signed a contract to implement ABS Breeding at the breeding department of Deliflor Chrysanten. Deliflor is the largest chrysanthemum breeder worldwide and is part of the Beekenkamp Group.

ABS Fresh: New development

Some time ago, ABS had decided to replace its ABS Fresh solution. The new solution would be built from scratch, considering the customer experiences we gained over the years. Additionally, we included a whole range state-of-the-art functional and technical requirements to the design.

The new solution, ABS Fresh, will support companies that are active in the production of fresh agro products. These products range from rose stems, apple trees or the fruit itself. The new solution is able to handle complex and combined article configurations and follow up on complex distribution flows. It can be used by companies that approach their business from the production end as well as from the sales end.

Screen: Production overview per location (field-block-row).

ABS Fresh was developed as a web-based solution. Today, we have come to a phase where we can release information on ABS Fresh and start presenting our new solution. We expect that the first demonstrations on the software can start from Q1 of 2023.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Ineke Leidelmeijer  ile@agrosolutions.nl

ABS job opportunities!!

ABS is a fast growing organization and is always looking for your special talent and your passion for technique. Do you have good understanding of the agricultural market, an IT-background or have just finished your IT-education and trying to get started? We would like to meet you.

To support our customers, we are looking for several SERVICE DESK employees.

Please use this link to check all our vacancies: https://agrosolutions.nl/careers/