Where to meet ABS during the coming period?

June 5 – 7 in Cape Town

You can already ask for a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dorien van Engelenburg   dve@agrosolutions.nl
Ineke Leidelmeijer           ile@agrosolutions.nl

Introduction of our ABS Office in India

Our ABS team in India

From 2010 onwards ABS started its own local team in India. For several good reasons we have based our office in Hyderabad. This city is to be considered an important IT hub with an excellent infrastructure. At first ABS India was only focussing on the support of our local Indian customers combined with the Asian and Pacific region. Yet it didn’t take long for all kind of new activities to get started. 

Nowadays our ABS India team also focuses on the development of all kinds of Apps for all our ABS solutions. Also a significant part of our reports, standard as well as customized, is created in India. Currently we are quite excited to develop our newest cloud solution, ABS Fresh, here in our Hyderabad office.

Increasingly our presence in India is being noticed and appreciated. As a result that new Indian customers find their way to one of our ABS solutions.

After his presence at the Indian Seed congress, our CEO continued his voyage to our office where our Manager of operations, from the Netherlands, joined. Despite the fact that it was Holi festival, many colleagues were present that day to meet their visitors and we are grateful for their shown dedication to ABS. It is with pride that we hereby present to you our Indian team led by Mr. Praveen, our outstanding local business manager of the ABS office in Hyderabad

Our INDIAN ABS Team and their visitors from the Dutch ABS Office

Sagi Seeds India signs up for ABS Production

Earlier this March the Managing Director Mr. SSB Raju, the Director Operations Mr. Krishna Sagi of Sagi Seeds and our CEO of ABS, Wouter van Stuyvesant Meijen signed a contract for the implementation of ABS Production in Sagi Seeds.

The Sagi Seeds office and warehouse are located in Hyderabad, not so far from the ABS office. Sagi Seeds is a vegetable seeds producer with several own production locations in India. Their main farms are the Koppal and Rannebennur Farm. Sagi Seeds also outsources seed production to various growers in India.

ABS Production can provide:

  • Registration of different business activities
  • Centralized storage of company information in one database
  • Authorization and security of company strategic information 
  • Instant availability anywhere in the world via Internet
  • More user-friendliness and straightforward reports 
  • Low costs for maintenance and availability
  • Rapid deployment and low implementation burden for the organization

ABS Production has been developed with a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and flexibility for the professional production company and its activities. With ABS Production, Sagi Seeds can cover all its business activities.

In addition, the offline App to register field inspections can be attached to ABS Production. This App remains operational even when there is no internet available.

The storage and track-and-trace of historical and real-time information are solved by smart and easy-to-use search engines and select statements. 

The implementation of ABS Production will start straight after the contract is signed.  Most of the implementation will be done online.

The web browser is immediately available for Sagi Seeds, after signing the contract. Once the database installed, we proceed with data entry, manually or with uploads. ABS will help Sagi Seeds set up their workflows, documents and reports in ABS Production. We execute these activities in close conjunction with the respective users. We see this part of the implementation as customer-specific, where each customer has their own individual needs. ABS Production will be customized to the specific processes of Sagi Seeds.

For more information on ABS Production, check: ABS Production

ABS Service desk team

Usually, our ABS Service Desk team in the Netherlands is silently operating in the background. Due to internal team changes we are happy to hereby put them in the spotlight for once and introduce them to you.

Rene – Liesbeth – Costas

All three have been working with ABS in the past as ABS users. Therefore they are widely experienced and they know about the challenges that might arise. Besides their already existing great knowledge, they have received intense internal training to support you in every possible way, on the questions that are booked on the service desk.