ABS Apps for trials, grow-out tests and plant raising!

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Use the Quality App (ABS Seed) for registration of the quality test results, photos and barcode reading with camera, both on-line as well as off-line.

With the Off-line App (ABS Breeding, ABS Trial and Production), you can perform your tests and register your observations on your trial fields, when you have no internet connection.

You can download the quality tests (Quality App) or the trial fields (Off-line App), you are going to observe while under coverage of a WIFI, 3G or GPRS network. In the lab or in the field you can enter your data in ABS (including photos). No internet connection is needed at that moment. You can upload your test results to ABS when you have your internet connection again. The use of the Apps is preferable on Android tablets.

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ABS in SPS by Samantha Harrington, Production Specialist

Samantha is working for South Pacific Seeds as a Seed Production Specialist. She is involved in the production and processing of vegetable seeds at their head office. She also has a role in implementing ABS to suit the processes and the functionality of the system.

South Pacific Seeds is a vegetable seed company based in Australia with several subsidiary companies in New Zealand, Chile, and USA. Their core business is marketing of vegetable seeds and the multiplication of seeds under contract.

Samantha explains both processes on sales and production:

  • Sales

SPS is not a breeding company and markets seeds on behalf of global seed companies within Australia.  Seeds are sourced from global seed companies and marketed within Australia. SPS has sales representatives in all states of Australia.

  • Production

SPS produces seeds under contract to global seed companies in southern Australia. In producing these seeds, SPS utilises many growers in southern Australia to produce seeds on their behalf under guidance of production agronomists. After harvest, processing and quality testing the seeds are exported back to the customer and sold in the global markets.

SPS was using an outdated DOS based system and change was needed.  Several different programs were evaluated at the time. A decision was made to utilise  ABS as both our Sales and Production divisions could use ABS. SPS went live with ABS in 2008 and gradually implemented one section at a time over a 12-month transition. This move to ABS was a significant improvement in SPS workflow and traceability.

SPS works with 45 users on a daily basis in the production, processing, quality and sales departments.  Whilst many more intermittently use ABS for reporting in the field.  All staff would use SAP reports derived from ABS to assist in their work on a daily basis.

At this moment SPS uses ABS, SAP and Office 365 as their main software’s.

We asked Samantha: What are the advantages of ABS Seed?

ABS allows for the traceability of seeds easily from the stock seed, through the production, processing and quality until the seed is shipped and invoiced.  This has improved our workflow considerably. Users are also able to check inventory, status and quality results as they are released or entered in to ABS. Reporting of information is all a key feature and we utilise many automated reports through SAP, that are send on a daily, weekly and month basis.

And, what problems have you experienced?

When we have an issue, we are able to report these to the ABS service desk and they are acted on in a timely manner. If we have a requirement to implement a feature in ABS, we are able to schedule a meeting and discuss the features with the developers and work on a solution and a time frame for these to be implemented.

What plans has SPS for ABS Seed?

We are continuing to develop ABS with our workflow and each year we are improving.  We are currently working on improvements to our grower settlements, and anticipate these to be implemented with ABS later this year in the next version.

And as far as SPS future developments are, “ we can conclude that SPS is continually developing it’s process, supported by ABS!!”

ABS Seed: On-line Training Tips & Tricks

ABS Seed is continuously in development. Usually every 9 weeks a new version is being released.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have an overview of what’s new? Or, you are working for years now with ABS Seed and you are wondering if you use all the options the software offers you? Do you want to raise efficient use of ABS? Or maybe you need a general overview of all processes that can be supported by ABS Seed?

Please check the training information on this page:  Training

The following dates have been set:

– Tips & Tricks ABS Seed             Wednesday June 16, 2021 at 8 a.m. *

– Upgrade training ABS Seed      Thursday October 7, 2021 at 7.a.m. *

– Overview                                   to be planned

* (The Netherlands is GMT+2)

The first training for next week for the Tips & Tricks is still open for attendees!

If you would like to join a training session or you would like to have more information, please email Dorien van Engelenburg at: dve@agrosolutions.nl

We are looking forward to meet you

ABS Breeding: Royalty module

The royalty module has been updated!

The updated royalty module allows you to register and manage all your royalty contracts. The module can be used for own varieties or the management of varieties of third parties. You can generate an overview in ABS Breeding of all payments to be done and expected revenues of the royalties. This overview can be exported to Excel to be able to use in, for example, your invoice and/or accounting system.

ABS Production: Web based software for seed production companies

The ABS Production software helps you managing your seed production contracts. Your customers as well as your growers contracts are listed. Each stage of the seed production process can be monitored, including field inspections, by using the off-line App.

Every lot/batch belonging to the contract can be viewed in the contracted lots form. Your yield expectation as well as the net harvested quantity is administrated per contract. The final amount to be invoiced to your customer, as well as the settlement with your growers is calculated.
For more information or a demo contact Ineke (ile@agrosolutions.nl) or Dorien (dve@agrosolutions.nl) or download the ABS production flyer here.